Bioaroma-Labdanum oil 50ml


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Labdanum oil

Cistus creticus extract.

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Aladania, the wild pink rock-rose, produces every summer on its long and narrow green leaves, a black aromatic resin, labdanum.

Since the Minoan era, labdanum was the greatest natural product of Crete, which was also exported. Ancient Egyptians were using it to mummify bodies and burn it as incense at their temples. Minoans were using it to create incense and therapeutic and cosmetic ointments.

Dioscorides (1st century AD), a doctor and botanist in the Roman army, refers to the therapeutic properties of labdanum. The Roman doctor Celsus (25 BC – 25 AD), mentions the use of labdanum resin as a plaster for malevolent sarcomas. Oribasius, a well-known Byzantine doctor who lived in the 4th century, had created an ointment with ladanum against hair loss. Labdanum or ladanum or ladanon resin is collected today exclusively in Crete, at the village Sisses. The resin contains organic compounds that are called labdane diterpenes, which, according to studies, have antibacterial and cytostatic action.

BioAroma accentuates its firming and anti-aging properties by being infused in pure olive oil and used in face creams and oils. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

 Use it as an anti-aging night face oil: place two drops of oil on your fingers and rub until warm. Then apply the oil on clean face, 30’ before applying your face cream. Do not rinse off. Suitable for sensitive skin.