Bioaroma-Beeswax ointment for babies 40ml


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Beeswax ointment  for babies.

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Diaperrash ointment, baby scratches and nursingnipples with dittany, lavender and Calendula oil.

Apply a very small amount of the ointment after diaper changing to prevent irritations. If there is a diaper rash then apply a thick layer of ointment on your baby’s irritated skin. No massage needed. Until next baby's diaper change the rash is gone.

For baby's face scratches: It is usual to see a baby's scratched face. Apply a small amount of the ointment on baby's scratch. After few seconds it disappears. Baby's skin can recognize creme's natural ingredients and helps baby's skin cells to regenerate.

For cracked nipples after nursing: Apply the ointment on your nipples after every breastfeeding, either to prevent or to heal your cracked nipples.